Analytical Skills Development

Leonhardt van Efferink (in the back) at the University of the German army, as Trainer during the Foreign Area Specialist course.

Welcome to the website of GeoMeans. The company was founded in 2012 by Leonhardt van Efferink after a 12-year career in banking, insurance and government. We offer a unique and personalized approach towards analytical skills development in geopolitics, country risk and media representations.

Our mission is to help our clients analyze today’s political, social and economic trends more effectively. To achieve this, we offer lectures, workshops and summer schools that seek to intellectually empower career-minded professionals and students.

These sessions help you explore the context, concepts and tools that are required to develop a independent and well-informed perspective on complex developments. They further teach you how to manage the different ways in which sources with different backgrounds interpret these developments.

On our website, you find the opportunities to do a course with us and to do some self study. Next to information on our analytical skills courses, you find here reading lists and blog posts with refreshing insights and questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you would like to know in more detail how we can assist you. We also welcome other questions that the website does not address.

Analytical Skills Development