Analytical Skills Development

Leonhardt van Efferink (in the back) at the University of the German army, as Trainer during the Foreign Area Specialist course.

Welcome to the website of GeoMeans. The company was founded in 2012 by Leonhardt van Efferink after a 12-year career in banking, insurance and government. We offer a unique and personalized approach towards analytical skills development in geopolitics, country risk and media representations.

The central mission of GeoMeans is to strengthen the ability of our clients to mitigate country-specific risks with a (geo)economic or (geo)political nature. To achieve this, we offer workshops, training sessions and tailor-made tools. They help organizations to become more aware of country-specific risks, assess the impact of these risks on their operations and monitor these risks in a more effective way.

The result of this approach is a better understanding of how economic trends, (geo)political factors and media perceptions have affected (and reflected) country-specific risks. We further assist our clients to use this understanding to develop economic and (geo)political scenarios. Such scenarios enable them to better prepare for unexpected negative shocks in the countries where they operate.

Analytical Skills Development