GeoMeans assists organizations with strategic environment analysis in three different ways. To start, we bring clarity in how underlying framing processes within and outside an organization affect its strategic decisions.

Second, GeoMeans helps organizations select the key driving forces of their performance, impact and reputation (strategic drivers). We are specialized in (geo)political and economic strategy drivers.

Finally, drawing on the first two steps, we develop effective tools to build scenarios and risk models. These tools are essential elements in the strategic decisions of our clients. Our tools enable organizations to optimally use their knowledge of their strategic environment.

Leonhardt would be happy to hear your questions about strategic environment analysis. Please contact Leonhardt if you would like to hear how GeoMeans can help your organization improve its capabilities in strategic environment analysis. You can also read the brief introduction to our clients and the recommendations from some of them.

GeoMeans was founded by Leonhardt van Efferink in 2012. Before, Leonhardt had worked for more than a decade as (senior) country risk analyst and policy adviser. He held positions at ING Bank, Rabobank and Atradius, as well as at the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

Strategic Environment Analysis