Welcome to the website of GeoMeans. We assist organizations with strategic perceptions management. Leonhardt van Efferink founded the company in 2012, after having been a country risk analyst for over a decade. He worked in that capacity in the financial sector and government.

The website offers you information on Leonhardt’s expertise, our mission and our solutions. You can also find here examples of our clients and quotes from LinkedIn recommendations from some of them.

Our blog contains posts on frameworks, concepts and timely examples related to country risk analysis, geopolitical analysis and media analysis. These contributions refer to frames, risks and/or scenarios directly or indirectly. You may also find it beneficial to have a look at our reading lists.

Finally, you can use the search page to quickly find the pages that address specific themes. In case you have any questions, suggestions and problems you would like to share, please do contact us.

Strategic Perceptions Management