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  1. Hello,
    I am very interested in a course Media Analysis Techniques ( Please, let mi know if it has been possible to enrol yet. I need to get a permission of my employer which would pay for this course too.
    Thank you in advance.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Eva Presová

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Eva,
      Thanks for your message. Yes, it is already possible to apply for the Media Analysis Techniques course. You can do that on this website. Please let me know if you have any further questions about this Summer School.
      Kind regards,

  2. Dear organizer,
    I am very interested to participate in the course Media Analysis Techniques ( too. Knowing that the course is limited to 7-15 participants, I was just wondering if there is still any space left?

    and once applied, will my application first be considered or automatically accepted ?


    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Naddi,
      Many thanks for your interest in the Media Analysis Techniques Summer School. Fortunately, we have already sufficient applications to organize the course as planned, but there are still some spaces left. Your application will first be considered by me. You may then receive a question to clarify things or get directly accepted.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions. I will send this answer also to your e-mail address.
      Kind regards,

  3. Dear Leonhardt,

    I’m very interested in the summer course; Country Risk Analysis: Assessing Macro-Economic, Policy and Political Risks in Emerging Markets 13 – 24 July 2015.

    I currently work in the O&G sector in Kurdistan, with extensive experience in MENA and really think this course would benefit my work.

    I noticed 100% attendance. However, would it be acceptable if I missed the last day? (my summer vacation ends and have to travel back for work).

    Best Regards,


    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Casper,
      Many thanks for your interest in the CRA Summer School. Since your question refers to a personal matter rather than a general one, I will answer it by e-mail.
      Kind regards,

  4. Dear Leonhardt,

    I’m a Master student in International Relations and I’m interested in attending one of your summer courses on geopolitics. Knowing that the course will only take place depending on the attendance, I would like to know which of the courses on geopolitics will surely take place, and if there is availability?

    Thank you in advance,

    Kind regards,

    Miguel Hannes

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Miguel,
      Thanks for applying to the course following our e-mail conversation. For those whoo have the same question: the course will be taking place and a few places are still available at the moment.
      Kind regards,

  5. Dear Leonhardt,
    I am PhD student of International Relations from Pakistan. Please arrange any online course for having understanding of the geopolitics and geo-economics.
    Kind regards!

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Asifa,
      Many thanks for your suggestion. I will consider offering online courses in the future, but don’t have time to do so at the moment. Maybe you could consider attending the Summer School on Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Geostrategy?
      Kind regards,

  6. Dear Leonhardt,

    I have just sent the application for two summer courses. However, the options for selecting the expected date of graduation are all earlier than my actual graduation date-

    (I selected 2017-6-30 as my graduation date, but my actual date of graduation date is 2018-6-30).

    Does this mean that I am too young to apply?

    Kind Regards,


    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Hi Jude,
      I just sent you e-mail that is longer than this answer. But the bottom line is that age is no criterion, but motivation is.
      Kind regards,

  7. Dear Professor,
    I’m taking the two Media Representation courses with you. I read that it’s recommended that you read at least one book before each course. Which ones do you highly recommend. You see, it’s quite difficult to find them here in Brazil and not only does Amazon take very long to deliver, but also our economy is not doing very well so our currency devaluated very much. I have How to do CDA(Machin; Mayr), Discourse and Practice (van Leeuwen), Introducing Social Semiotics and some by Kress as well. I have no means of purchasing any other right now, so I’m a little worried. I will have just finished my masters on Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis, but I used a lot of van Dijk. I hope it’s enough to start with.

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Camilla,
      I think you have already read enough for the course. More important therefore is what new things you would like to learn during the course. Could you please tell me?
      Kind regards,

  8. Good day Leonhardt,

    I was researching Country Risk phd courses on the internet when I came across the summer school. I hold a masters degree in Investment and Finance but currently works as a Global Security and Crisis Management monitoring personnel for a multi national organisation where I monitor Geopolitical, Geophysical, Economic, Security, Sovereign, Social and Political risk. My long term goal is to join the country risk analysis & assessment team of the organisation. Hence, my desire to further studies in Country risk Analysis. Please advise if your program Country Risk (Economic Indicators) and Country Risk (Political Instability) suits my career need.

    Do you run this courses every year ?

    Is the lecture venue in the Netherlands ?
    if so I’m willing to travel as I current reside in the U.K.

    Pleases feel free to email me if necessary.

    Many thanks


    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Olu,
      As we discussed over e-mail, the course can be beneficial to your career if you take some macro-economics courses as well. Moreover, the course runs every year in the Netherlands (i.e. Maastricht).
      Kind regards,

  9. Hello Mr. Efferink,

    I am a post doc researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, studying the types of multimedia narrative in digital journalism and I think your summer school for ”media Representations and Multimodality” will be very useful for my research.
    Can you inform me about how to apply and tell me exactly what it costs? Moreover,do you propose something for accomodation? Is there a deadline to enrol to the summer school?

    Thank you very much,
    Dr. Cholivatou Anastasia

  10. Dear Leonartd:

    I am interested in the summer course. I am a doctoral student and I would like to know how to analyse news online but as my field is education, I am more interested in media related to education.

    I have background in language which could support the discourse analysis. I am really interested in working more with analysis of media representations but I dont really know if the course could be appropriate for me as I am not in the field of geopolitics. what do you think?

    Ill appreciate your answer.

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Ximena,

      Thanks for your message and interest in the Summer School. Previous editions of the “Media Representations” course turned out to be also useful for students who did not examine (geo)political discourses. It is a very hands-on course with a lot of practical advice on how to approach texts and images from different angles, with personal tutoring where necessary.

      Does this answer your question?

      Kind regards,

  11. Hello,
    I might be taking one or two courses at Maastricht this summer. They all look mighty interesting and practical indeed.

    A quick query…..I noticed that both the visual media and textual media analysis courses will be taught be Dr. Leonhardt van Efferink……however, they are both scheduled for the same week, that of the 13th-17th of August….. how’s that?

    Thanks in advance for the reply and effort…

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Thanks for your question, Mario. You are right, I teach both courses in the same week. There are 18 contact hours for both, and some classes of them overlap. Kind regards, Leonhardt

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