Leonhardt van Efferink (photo) is Founding Director of GeoMeans. In earlier jobs as senior country risk analyst, he experienced the strong impact of global perceptions on organizational strategies. He became familiar with different approaches towards political and economic uncertainty.

Moreover, several workshops that Leonhardt moderated were instrumental in developing fruitful routines to work with country scenarios.

His expertise in country framing is rooted in his PhD project on German perceptions of countries (due in 2018).

The moderation style of Leonhardt is an important tool to make organizations more familiar with frames, risks and scenarios. His style is slightly provocative, yet engaging and inclusionary, always stimulating many people to join in the discussion. The result is a wider variety of expressed perceptions, thereby enriching the outcomes of our workshops.

For more information about his background, you can download the CV of Leonhardt.

managing political and economic uncertainty