GeoMeans Summer Schools at Maastricht University in 2017


Please check for 2018 editions of these courses: GeoMeans Courses at Maastricht Summer School 2018

We are very happy to teach analytical skills at Maastricht Summer School for the fifth time this year. This page introduces our six courses, but if you want to apply for some of them straight away, please visit the Maastricht University website. GeoMeans organises two courses on geopolitics, two on country risk and two on media representations:

Objectives of our Summer School Courses
Maastricht Summer SchoolOur courses help you acquire skills that enable you to analyse our complex and changing world of nation-states. We teach you key political, economic, geographical, journalistic and linguistic concepts that can be immediately applied in your research. We further help you apply tools to compare and clarify the variety of perspectives among media, politicians and experts on global trends. Our courses are based on our direct experience with frameworks for macro-economic risk analysis, political risk analysis, geopolitical conflict analysis, scenario planning, textual analysis and visual analysis. As during the previous editions, you can expect stimulating, insightful and inspiring discussions with your fellow students. Each course encourages an ongoing dialogue thanks to interactive lectures, roundtable discussions and student presentations.

Special features of our Summer School Courses

  • Maastricht Summer School 2017Beneficial in terms of analytical, academic and employability skills
  • Stimulating balance between knowledge, assumptions and questions (i.e. critical thinking)
  • Interactive setting in which everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion
  • Focus on exchanging views and disagreeing in friendly atmosphere
  • Direct and constructive feedback to enrich the collective learning experience


  1. I am interested in these courses specially geopolitics and risk analysis

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      That’s great to hear, Mohamed. Shall I let you know when the application process starts? Kind regards, Leonhardt

      • Dear Leonhardt,

        I am quite interested in this Summer School, but I’m struggling to find information about financial aid for this program. Could you perhaps assist me in that?

        • Leonhardt van Efferink

          Dear Dinara,
          Unfortunately, there is no financial support available for the courses at Maastricht Summer School. However, parts of our lectures are available for free on our website in the form of small tutorials: Please let me know if you have any further questions.
          Kind regards,

          • This is quite unfortunate. But thank you for the information. Perhaps I will just read the books that you suggested for the courses.

            Warm regards,


          • Leonhardt van Efferink

            Dear Dinara,
            Which courses are you specifically interested in? I could give you some direct links to some free tools and templates from the courses that are available on the website.
            Kind regards,

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