Media Studies, Media Theory and Society [Reading List]


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  • Bruhn Jensen, K. (2002) A handbook of media and communcation research. Qualitative and quantitative research methods. Routledge.
  • Croteau, D., Hoynes, W. and Milan, S. (2012) Media/society. Industries, images, and audiences. SAGE.
  • Hodkinson, P. (2011) Media, culture and society. An introduction. SAGE
  • Laughey, D. (2007) Key themes in media theory. McGraw-Hill.
  • Long, P. and Wall, T. (2012) Media studies. Texts, Production, Context. Pearson.
  • Ott, B.L. and Mack, R.L. (2014) Critical media studies. An introduction. Wiley-Blackwell.

Media Studies

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