Our Country Risk Analysis Lectures [Introduction]


We offer various country risk analysis lecturesto universities. They are also available as stand-alone in-company talks and as part of a longer skills training session. Each of the following lectures can be adapted to the learning objectives of our clients, for example by focusing on one specific country:

  • Getting Started with Country Risk Analysis 1: Writing a Report
  • Getting Started with Country Risk Analysis 2: Concepts, Definitions and Dimensions
  • Political Risk Indicators: The Interaction between Politics, Policies and Economics
  • Macro-Economic Risk Indicators 1: The Internal Economy
  • Macro-Economic Risk Indicators 2: The External Economy
  • Country Risk Modelling 1: The Quantification of the Immeasurable
  • Country Risk Modelling 2: Developing A Basic Model
  • Scenario Building for Country Risk Analysis purposes: A Valuable Alternative to Forecasts

Country Risk Analysis Lectures

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