Our Country Risk Analysis Workshops [Introduction]


Country Risk Analysis WorkshopOver the past few years, GeoMeans has developed various Country Risk Analysis workshops, always in close cooperation with our clients.

Our Country Risk Analysis Workshops help professionals explore various perspectives and develop the right skills to better understand global, regional and national trends.

If your organisation needs specific skills to better understand the risks in particular countries, please let us know. Below, you find some examples of our Country Risk Analysis workshops that have helped our clients in this field.

  • Assessing Country Risk: The Interaction between Economics and Politics in the Middle East
  • The Role of Geopolitics in Country Risk Analysis – Indicators, Causalities and a Case Study on Brazil
  • Wechselwirkungen zwischen Risikoanalysen von Banken und der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Lage der Länder des arabischen Frühlings

Country Risk Analysis Workshops

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