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Please check for 2018 editions of these courses: GeoMeans Courses at Maastricht Summer School 2018

Maastricht Summer School 2016At Maastricht Summer School 2016, GeoMeans organises courses in Country Risk Analysis, Geopolitical Analysis and Media Analysis. The courses teach you skills that improve your ability to understand today’s political, social and economic developments around the world. They also reflect on the many ways in which each development can be interpreted by media, politicians and experts. As the schedule below shows, we offer two complementary courses in each of the three disciplines. If you do two GeoMeans courses this year, you get a special discount. To apply, please visit the Maastricht University website.

  • Here’s the schedule of the GeoMeans courses at Maastricht Summer School 2016:
  • GeoMeans Summer School courses usually attract a dynamic mix of Bachelor/Master students, PhD candidates and professionals. The courses have six special features:
    • focus on long-term skills development instead of knowledge that is quickly forgotten
    • interactive setting in which everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion
    • direct and constructive feedback to enrich the collective learning experience
    • focus on exchanging views and disagreeing in a friendly atmosphere
    • stimulating balance between knowledge, assumptions and questions (i.e. critical thinking)
    • advice on your employability skills, internship/PhD opportunities and career options
  • We consider it important that you choose a course that is really valuable to you. Therefore, we offer personal advice in this regard by e-mail. If you appreciate this, please contact Summer School course leader Leonhardt van Efferink.
  • To apply for the GeoMeans Summer School 2016 courses, please visit the Maastricht University website. If you do two courses with us, you receive a discount on the second course.
  • Summer School 2016


    1. I am interested to attend any of the two geopolitics courses.
      How do I apply.

      • Leonhardt van Efferink

        Dear Costis,
        As I also let you know by e-mail, you can apply for the Geopolitics Summer School here: http://solbasic.nl/solum/ Please let me know if you have any further questions.
        Kind regards,

    2. Dear Leonhardt,

      Im considering taking part in the two country risk analysis courses (political instability and economic indicators) this summer. I’m wondering if the attendants will receive some sort of a certificate from these courses? It would look great on CV and enhance employability to have some official proof of taking these courses.

      Also on a non-related note, does GeoMeans take students on as interns/volunteers? If yes, how and where could I find more information?

      Best regards,
      Sanna T

      • Leonhardt van Efferink

        Dear Sanna,
        Many thanks for applying to both our Country Risk and both our Geopolitics Summer Schools. For all four courses, you will get an official university certificate if you participated actively in the course and got a pass for your assignments. As you note, such a certificate will definitely make it easier to find a job, also because the courses are focused on practical skills and tools, and critical thinking. You can also ask me for career advice during the Summer Schools. And yes, we do take interns from time to time. If you have an idea about how you could help us further improve our workshops, please let us know. In your case, if you do the Summer Schools, I would suggest that you come up with ideas after the courses have finished. Does this answer your questions?
        Kind regards,

    3. Hello,

      I am in my last year of high school and I would really want to attend all of the summer courses organized this year in the University of Maastricht. Is this possible? Thank you in advance.

      • Leonhardt van Efferink

        Dear Nikola,
        Yes, this is possible, but under certain conditions. I will send you an e-mail to discuss this further with you.
        Kind regards,

    4. Dear Sir,

      Greetings from Europe,

      With reference to your programs etc, please do send us a normal non-public email address so that we may submit our proposal for collaboration between us.

      Looking forward to your valued replies with appreciation at x@x

      Sincerely Yours,

      Y. Saver

      • Leonhardt van Efferink

        Please check contact page for our e-mail address, Mr/Ms Saver. We do not distinguish between public and private e-mail addresses. Unfortunately, we do not have room to discuss/do new projects at the moment. Kind regards, Leonhardt

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