Our Essay Template for Textual/Visual Media Analysis


Our Essay TemplateDeveloping the structure of your essay could be a complicated and long process. This is especially problematic if you don’t have much time (left) to write your essay.

This applies for example to the students of our one-week Summer Schools on Textual/Visual Media Analysis. They actually need to write an essay within 72 hours. To enable our Summer School students to quickly decide on their essay structure, we developed this Essay Template (please click on link to download Word file).

The Essay Template has been developed in line with our Summer School course objectives. Its structure reflects the way in which our students are expected to approach their data, concepts and methods. We used the Essay Template for the first time in 2016.

It proved to be of great help to the participants in our Summer Schools in their analysis of media representations. Some of them -both students and lecturers- asked us whether they could use the template for their future work or classes.

Therefore, we now offer the Essay Template as a free download on the GeoMeans website. We expect that the template could be useful for other assignments as well, both related to media representations and other data.

It is good to keep in mind, however, that the structure of an essay should always reflect its educational or analytical objectives. Therefore, we encourage you to change our Essay Template if that helps to bring its structure more in line with your objectives.

To conclude this post, we give you a preview of the Essay Template by showing its complete structure:

1. My Theme, Concept and Article

a. Relevance of Theme

b. Relevance of Key Concept

c. Relevance of Article/Image/Cartoon

2. My Research Questions

a. Meta Question

b. Central Question

c. Operational Questions

3. My Method

a. A Broad Perspective

b. A Narrow Perspective

4. My Findings

5. Conclusion

6. Bibliography

7. Annexes

Essay Template

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