Our Geopolitical Analysis Workshops [Introduction]


Geopolitical AnalysisOver the past few years, GeoMeans has developed various Geopolitical Analysis workshops, always in close cooperation with our clients. Our Geopolitical Analysis Workshops help professionals explore various perspectives and develop the right skills to better understand global, regional and national trends.

If your organisation needs specific skills to better understand particular issues or areas, please let us know. Below, you find some more examples of our Geopolitical Analysis workshops that have helped our clients in this field.

  • Geopolitics, Country Risk and the Arab Spring
  • Geopolitik, Geostrategie und Geoökonomie in der Arktis, Bundeswehr
  • Geopolitiek van Natuurlijke Grondstoffen, de BRIC-landen en Financial Planning

Geopolitical Analysis Workshops


  1. Any on line training available?

    • Leonhardt van Efferink

      Dear Jose,
      At the moment, I do not offer online training courses. What specific things would you like to learn?
      Kind regards,

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