Our Geopolitical Scenario Planning Workshops [Introduction]


Scenario Analysis WorkshopsOver the past few years, GeoMeans has developed various Geopolitical Scenario Planning workshops, always in close cooperation with our clients. Our Geopolitical Scenario Planning workshops help professionals explore various perspectives and develop the right skills to better antipate global, regional and national trends.

If your organisation needs specific skills to better anticipate future developments in a particular area or sector, please let us know. Below, you find some more examples of our Geopolitical Scenario Planning workshops that have helped our clients with obtaining valuable skills.

  • Three Global Risk Scenarios Large Capital Outflows in China, Strong Rise in Food Prices and Severe Tensions in Europe
  • Political, Military and Economic Relations in Europe in 2020: Scenario Workshop
  • Scenarios for Vietnam’s Economy in 2020: Resource Exporter, Manufacturing Powerhouse or High-Tech Hub?
  • Geopolitical Scenario Planning. Developing New Perspectives on Natural Resources
    Future Conflicts: Actors, Objectives and Strategies: Scenario Workshop
  • Will there be Summer after the Arab Spring? Scenarios for Egypt, Iran and Israel in 2015
  • Toekomstscenario’s over de Tweedeling in de EMU. Solidariteit en Rechtvaardigheid in Tijden van Crisis

Geopolitical Scenario Planning Workshops

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