Political Risk Analysis [Reading List]



McKellar, R. (2010) A short guide to political risk. Gower. Accessible and affordable introduction to political risk analysis that addresses conceptual issues, political risk assessment and political risk management.

Online Sources


Aon Political Risk Insurance

BBC News

Political risk returns to the financial markets

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy

Conflict Risk Assessment
Failed & Fragile States – Indicator Descriptions

Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research

Methodological Approach [to Conflict Research]


How to Calculate Political Risk


Identifying, assessing and mitigating political risk

International Journal of Latest Trends in Finance & Economic Sciences

FDI Political Risks: The New International Context

Institute for Economics and Peace

The Economic Cost of Violence Containment. A Comprehensive Assessment Of The Global Cost Of Violence [pdf file]

Pearson Higher Education

Political Risk Assessment and Management [pdf file]


Integrating Political Risk Into Enterprise Risk Management

Tufts University [pdf file]

Building Capacity for Geopolitical Risk Analysis [pdf file]

UCLA International Institute

Measuring Risk: Political Risk Insurance Premiums and Domestic Political Institutions [pdf file]

Political Risk Analysis

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