To achieve our mission, we offer our clients talks, workshops and consultancy. Three inter-related concepts play a pivotal role in our work: (1) country frames, (2) country risks and (3) country scenarios. Frames refer to perceptions of country features, risks to the strategic features that are uncertain, and scenarios implicate how these features may evolve in the future.

Country frames are beneficial to organizations that seek to identify the dominant perceptions of countries in their decision-making processes. GeoMeans offers one-on-one and group sessions to identify frames among their staff. Such sessions further yield insights into how frames from business, politics and media affect their decisions. Regardless of their origins, it pays off to be conscious and transparent about these (sometimes hidden) frames.

Country risks are beneficial to organizations that seek to limit the negative impact of political and economic uncertainty in a particular country. To empower our clients in this regard, we develop tailor-made monitoring frameworks, report templates and risk models.

Country scenarios are beneficial to organizations that seek to anticipate unforeseen future events and to reduce the potential damage of such events. GeoMeans is specialized in writing high-impact scenarios and assessing their strategic implications in participatory workshops.