Transfer Risk Definition, Methodology and Ratings [Reading List]


This reading list about Transfer Risk Definition, Methodology and Ratings seeks to help students and professionals prepare for:


I am co-author of an accessible introduction to country risk analysis that also explains transfer risk (and convertitibility risk). The book is available on this website: Getting Started with Country Risk Analysis 5: Free E-Book about Theory, Models and Ratings

Online Sources

A.M. Best

Country Risk
Evaluating Country Risk
Transfer and Convertibility Risk [pdf file]

Bank of Jamaica

Standards of Sound Business Practices – Country and Transfer Risk [pdf file]

CFA Institute

Country Risk: A Tale of Two Models


Country Risk Assessment

Control Risks

RiskMap 2014

Euler Hermes

Economic Research

Fed (New York)

Risks in U.S. Bank International Exposures [pdf file]


Country risks [Convertibility and Transfer Risk]

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Transfer Risk Definition
Country Risk Classification
Country Risk Classification (CRE): Prevailing [Convertibility and Transfer Risk] [pdf file]
Historical Country Risk Classification [Convertibility and Transfer Risk] [pdf file]

Rabobank Group

Economic Research publications [includes country risk reports]

Social Science Research Network

Delving into Country Risk
What drives financial crises in emerging markets?

The Strategic CFO

Transfer Risk

University Western Australia

Country risk ratings: An international comparison [pdf file]
The International Country Risk Guide: An Empirical Evaluation [pdf file]

Next to this reading list about Transfer Risk Definition, Methodology and Ratings, participants in the Summer School Country Risk Analysis (Economic Indicators) are also advised to go through these reading lists:

Transfer Risk

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